High-Quality Stonework in Meath and surrounding areas.

Stone work or hardscapes usually create the bones of the garden by defining traffic patterns & creating physical structures. Living spaces and value are added to your home by providing useable square footage outdoors.

All of our stonework is installed with a clean aggregate base properly compacted, leveled, and graded. Our dry laid retaining walls are built proportionally to their height; this means they will retain the sheer weight of the soil behind them. Behind the wall goes a pocket of washed stone and a drain that creates a dry environment behind the wall as well as a buffer from soil heaving in winter. This pocket is carefully enclosed in a filter fabric to prevent soil infiltration. With taller walls, concrete or natural stone, we will also use geogrid to stabilize the backfill zone behind the wall.

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Why Use Stonework?

Landscapers have a wide variety of materials with which they can work, but stone offers many advantages that aren’t apparent in other landscaping elements.  To answer the question of, “Why use stonework in landscaping?” we’ve put together a list of its benefits.

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